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Why Dry Brushing?

As I’ve mentioned many times before, skin problems can often occur from within. Much of it can come from diet, but many skin concerns can come from a poorly functioning Lymphatic System.


Dry Brushing the body daily can help improve the health of your Lymphatic System, not only improving the appearance of your skin, but your overall health. Other benefits that may be seen from daily dry brushing are light skin exfoliation, ingrown hairs, and even a reduction in cellulite.

How To Use Your Body Brush

Before getting into the shower or bath, brush your entire body in circular motions “towards the heart” to help guide the flow of Lymph. This means from feet to buttocks, wrists to shoulders, upper back to lower back, chest, and then the abdomen in clockwise, circular motions from the top down, to improve digestion.

Body brushes can now be purchased in the Alchemy House shop.

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