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Spinal Energetics

W/ Phoenix Energy Wellness

This form of energy work blends the mind, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies and combines them with eastern and western philosophy. This involves working with the nervous system and its innate intelligence. It's by communicating with inner knowing, that we work towards the root causation of why we have tension patterns and experience symptoms and ailments in our lives. The same part of us that wanted to create these patterns to keep us safe, are what get reprogrammed to help release and let the body know it is safe to let it go.


As seen on Netflix's Goop Lab!


Initial Session

(45 min $125)


Follow-Up Session

(30 min $90)

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Meet Brittany Kowalski

Brittany is proud to be the first certified spinal energetics practitioner in the state of New Jersey! Aside from that, her experience and education is extensive. Not only is she a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, she is also a board certified health and wellness coach, she has her masters in Health Promotion and is a speaker at various organizations, including the National Wellness Institute, American College of Preventative Medicine, American Diabetes Association, Medical Affairs Professionals Global Conference. 

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