Swedish Massage

(60 min-$90, 90 min-$120)

This massage is focused on encouraging relaxation as well as calm emotional and anxiety issues. Whether you’re looking to destress, relax or calm muscle tension, or just treat yourself to a little “me time”, this massage is designed to help you meet your needs.


Deep Tissue Massage

(60 min-$110, 90 min-$140)

For those needing a little more than relaxation, this massage works the deepest layers of the muscle tissue. Whether you have sore muscles from everyday life, muscle injuries or chronic pain, deep tissue therapy is very effective for repairing muscular issues.


Deep Tissue with Myofascial Release using Cupping and Gua Sha

(60 min-$120, 90 min-$140)

Here we get into the deepest layers of muscle tissue, and release fascia in order to make the muscles more playable. Myofascial release using Cupping and Gua Sha forces the fascia to loosen and release, encouraging the muscles to relax, release toxins and increase circulation.


Pre-natal Massage

(60 min- $100, 90 min- $130)

This massage is completely focused on meeting the needs of the mom-to-be! As the body changes through pregnancy, aches and pains become increasingly more difficult to deal with. This massage is centered around releasing tension and muscle fatigue.


Foot Reflexology

(50 min $80)

Following a relaxing leg and foot massage, pressure is applied to various points on the feet, which correspond to different parts of the body. Ultimately, reflexology helps to improve overall health and balance within the body. 

Meet Artemisa Nagy

Artemisa (or Temisa for short), has always had a love for helping people. She has been heavily influenced by her mother, Cathy Nagy, who has worked as a nurse in many different roles through the years. Inspired by the healing nature of her mother, Temisa decided to pursue laboratory work through Brookdale Community College, where she earned a certificate in Phlebotomy in 2007. She immediately joined Bayshore Community Hospital, where she gained a firm knowledge in both patient and medical care.

This experience in the medical field sparked her interest not only in anatomy, but also holistic health care. The natural next step was the Massage Therapy and Body Work program through The Institute for Therapeutic Massage, where she became a licensed Massage Therapist in 2014.

Temisa immediately fell in love with the gratification that this career offered. Bringing her clients relief from sore muscles and injuries, soothing chronic pain issues and allowing them to relax and de-stress has become a passion for her.
Temisa is very grateful for the encouragement she has from both her mother, who encouraged her to pursue Massage Therapy, and her husband, who has always supported her in pursuing her interests.

Disclaimer: Gift Cards purchases from Alchemy House of Yoga can not be applied toward services in the treatment room( massage, acupuncture, reiki & facials).  Each service provider offers Gift Card sales directly through their booking link.