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4 Super Cheap Wellness Practices You Can Do Everyday

In the age of mainstream wellness, there is a lot of information floating around, most of it on the internet. Some of it works, some of it… well, we’re not so sure of. (Vagina steaming? Really, Gwyneth?) Some of it is also crazy expensive. So before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on whatever the next wellness craze is, try these tried and true remedies. We promise each one of these are super simple and cheap enough (or even free!) to incorporate into everyday life.

Tongue Scraping

India knows what’s up. In their ancient practice of Ayurveda, they believe that as we sleep, all the toxins in our bodies accumulate on our tongue. By scraping your tongue each morning, we are ridding these toxins from our bodies and keeping our immunity up. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with your body and if you’re about to get sick. In the Alchemy House shop, you can get yours made from 100% copper, for only $8.

Lukewarm Lemon Water

Every morning after I scrape my tongue, I drink a large glass of lemon water. All you need is a half a lemon, squeezed into a tall pint glass of lukewarm water, and bonus if you add a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt. This not only helps Alkalize our bodies (the acid of lemon turns alkaline when introduced into our systems), it also helps to stimulate our digestion system and eliminate waste. (You know what I’m saying).


This could be the single most important thing you can do everyday. There are numerous positive benefits, both physical and metal, to meditation, but long story short, it helps you get in touch with your homegirl (or homeboy). When you have a better understanding of the thoughts the float around in your head, you have a better understanding on how the rest of the world works. Insight Timer is a free app you can download on your phone, that provides hundreds of free guided meditation of varying lengths and topics, as well as just a timer you can set. Total game changer.


Even if you only have 5 minutes, you can do yoga every day. My favorite 5 minute practice starts in Downward dog, where I peddle and stretch for several breaths. Then some slow, stretchy, lunges, a wiggly, bent-kneed forward fold, and a few half lifts and twists. It’s the perfect way to introduce movement into each day.

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