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Get to to know your teachers... Gina.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Coming to our studio is not only about yoga, it's also about making connections and building a community. We wanted to share about our team, who we are and hope we have some fun things in common other than a love of yoga.

First up is Gina!

  • How would you describe your teaching style?

I get a lot from teaching a variety of styles (Gentle, Power, Restorative) but no matter the style it’s always about breath and alignment. Years ago when I learned yoga, nobody corrected or paid attention to me in class so I learned many poses wrong, including Downward Dog. This has made me a stickler for alignment as I want people to leave feeling good, but also confident, knowing that they learned something. I’m also a bit of a goofy teacher.

  • What has teaching yoga taught you about yourself?

So much! I have definitely learned patience and the art of listening, like really listening to someone. My nature is much more scatter-brained but I love how teaching yoga forces me to be incredibly present with my students.

  • What are your favorite and least favorite yoga poses?

My favorite is basically anything that has to do with stretching the shoulders. Restorative Fish Pose with blocks made me a true believer. As an esthetician I used to get a lot of pinched nerves and that pose saved me and was really the reason I wanted to teach. Least favorite? Twisting Prayer Lunges make me feel so uncomfortable for some reason, but I continue to do them/teach them. That’s the cool thing about yoga, when there’s a pose you hate it’s just another place to explore and understand yourself, breathing into that discomfort.

  • What do enjoy doing when you’re not teaching yoga?

Aside from yoga, I am an esthetician with my own skincare line, Alchemy Holistics, which you can find in the studio as well as in selected stores across the country. In my free time I love cooking, and since the pandemic I am a real beast in the kitchen! I’m mostly vegetarian and I make fake meat from scratch, and I’ve also gotten really into Sourdough (along with everyone else) this year.

  • What song do you never get sick of?

The Cars “Drive”

I’m an 80s baby, so there’s a lot of 80s songs that are just comfort food for me.

  • What advice would you give for someone just starting their yoga practice?

It’s a practice for starters! Don’t get frustrated with yourself for taking a while to pick up on something, or how inflexible you are. Just like anything else you’re learning, you’re not going to be an expert overnight. Be patient, be kind, and keep with it! The more you practice the better you’ll get.

  • If you could teach any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and why?

George Harrison of The Beatles, though I’m sure that would be an intimidating experience!

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