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4 Ways To Activate Your Heart Chakra

If you’re into yoga you most certainly have heard of Chakras, but what exactly are they and how do they pertain to the body? The idea of Chakras come from India and refer to the energy centers we possess. The 7 main chakras (yes, there are more, but we’ll save that for another time) run from the base of our tailbone to the crown of our head.

Our fourth Chakra, better known as the Heart Chakra, is positioned at the center of our chest. Indications of an imbalanced Heart Chakra may be either under or overly passionate, sensitive, fear of rejection and physically, heart or lung issues.

If this resonates with you, here are 4 ways to balance your Heart Chakra.

Incorporating Green Into Your Daily Life

Green (and sometimes also pink) is associated with the Heart Chakra. Easy ways to get more

green could be wearing green, eating green foods (broccoli, lettuce, etc.), adding green into your space or meditating with a green or pink stone.


Positive affirmations are associated with the Heart Chakra. These could be little post-its’ you leave around your house or a pop-up reminder on your phone. These could say something like “I love, accept, and understand myself fully.” Or “I am open and deserving of love.” It may feel silly, but there is something to be said on the rules of attraction.


Meditating is a wonderful way of bringing balance to your Chakras. Find a comfortable seat with your spine nice and straight (laying down is okay too, just as long as you don’t fall asleep)! If you’re new to meditation, something great to try is silently repeating your affirmations, quietly chanting YAM over and over (the sound associated with the Heart Chakra), and maybe even holding a Rose Quartz or Green Aventurine stone in your hands.


Another wonderful way to balance your chakras is with the practice of yoga. Camel, fish, upward dog, bridge, wheel, or bow pose are all really wonderful ways to open your Heart Chakra. Just be sure to counteract these poses with forward folds to maintain balance.

Are you ready to open your heart?

Join us this Sunday, 2/14 @4pm

for our Valentines Day Heart Opening Restore + Meditation workshop.

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