Spring Cleaning! The Best Way To Detox For Spring

Twice a year, both in the spring and fall, I do a detox. I have been doing detoxes for over a decade and they have all really run the gamut, anywhere from the Mastercleanse (spicy lemonade for a week), to juice cleanses to Panchakarma, a serious Ayurvedic detox. What I find works for me is a mix of a few types of these cleanses. You want to detox your system but at the same time, you shouldn’t feel deprived and hopefully, not bored either.

My Main Principles for a Detox

The whole point of a detox is to flush out the toxins from your system and give your body a bit of a rest. If you have digestive problems, skin problems, or any other abnormal issues a detox is a great way to get to the route of the cause. Whichever detox you chose, it is important to eliminate all processed foods, sugar, dairy, gluten, meat, caffeine, and alcohol. Basically, you’re eating seasonal vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and gluten-free grains at this time, and to drink, lots of herbal tea. If you have digestive problems, my suggestion is to cook all your vegetables. If you don’t have digestion problems, feel free to eat some of your vegetables raw.

During your detox, you also want to keep a consistent schedule. Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday, use your tongue scraper, drink warm lemon water, and then perform Abhyanga. After letting the oil soak in, take a shower, practice some gentle yoga or go for a walk.

What I Eat On My Detox

Personally, I skip breakfast and opt for tea, or sip on a ginger shot until lunch. However, I know for some it’s difficult to skip breakfast, so I have included some breakfast examples here

as well.