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Get To Know Your Teachers... Marcie!

Sharing who we are one teacher at a time.

We hope you are enjoying these blogs and that they help you feel more connected to us.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style is casual, slow, fun and mindful. I also try to infuse my classes with themes that inspire people to be kind to themselves and to find more joy in their lives. What has teaching yoga taught you about yourself?

Teaching yoga has taught me how to let go of the control I think I have over outcomes in my life. It's taught me to try my best to prepare, but expect that things will not go exactly as I planned and adjust with composure, to circumstances as they are. What are your favorite and least favorite yoga poses?

My favorite yoga poses are malasana (squat), pigeon, and arda chandrasana. I love hip and heart openers . Least favorite is wheel because I cannot comfortably maintain this posture, and when I feel that I am pushing too much to make something happen, it doesn't feel like yoga. What are you doing when you're not teaching yoga?

When I'm not teaching I'm with my family, reading, making playlists on Spotify, hiking, or meditating.

What song do you never get sick of? Just one? I love music of many types, so I have a bunch of faves . Here are some:

Re:Stacks by Bon Iver; Wild Horses (cover by The Sundays); Love in Mine by Big Thief; More than a Woman by The Bee Gees; and Wheels by John Lennon What advice would you give for someone just starting the practice?

Don't compare yourself with anyone else in the room or even with yourself. Practice one pose a day for 5-10 minutes every day and just be curious about your experience in that pose - how does your body feel, what's the breath doing? That can be your practice from which you'll learn so much about yourself, yoga and how to be present for life on and off the mat.

If you could teach any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and why? I would teach, or at least practice with the Dalai Lama. I have always wanted to meet someone who is truly kind with no ulterior motives. I am told that he radiates warmth and compassion and he says that "my religion is kindness."

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