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DIY Coconut Lime Body Scrub

With summer (or a vacation) feeling lightyears away, try this easy to make body scrub that uses only a few easy to find ingredients you may already have in your kitchen. We promise it’ll have you conjuring up feelings of sipping Mai Tai's on a Caribbean beach in no time.

Coconut Lime Body Scrub

-1/4 cup Turbanado Sugar (course)

-1/2 cup table sugar (fine)

-1/4 cup Coconut Oil

-1/4 tsp Vitamin E Oil*

-5 drops Lime Essential Oil

Mix ingredients and put into an empty jar.

*Vitamin E oil is added for its preservative properties. However, this scrub will spoil if any water gets into the jar. For a long lasting body scrub, always apply with dry hands or a spoon.

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