Upcoming Events 

Earth Month Fundraiser

From now until earth day we will be selling these reusable totes.  All profits will be donated to Clean Ocean Action who keep our Bayshore area safe and clean.  Please help us support this amazing causes by purchasing.  ( All totes will be shipped directly to you from bonfire.com)

Hands-On Adjustments Workshop 

For Yoga Instructors

 Feeling a little rusty after a year without performing hands-on adjustments? Maybe you completed a teacher training over the Pandemic and never had a chance to even practice them. Whatever the case may be, a part of being a great teacher is being great at adjustments, and in this workshop, you will learn how to perform them with confidence!


What this workshop will cover:


  • Several of the most common hands-on adjustments, and how to perform them with intention.

  • Hands-on adjustments for correction, going deeper, and just making a student feel good.

  • Understanding boundaries, how to touch in a non-invasive way and when not to touch at all.

  • When and how to use signals and verbal cues.

  • Inversion assistance.

Saturday, May 1st @11am


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